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Classes We Offer

Kids Classes

When it comes to your child you want them to grow and be focused, confident and motivated. Midwest Martial Arts offers your child many benefits to training at our school. Once they enter our school, they are greeted by a friendly family of fellow students who are here to encourage and cheer each other on […]

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Teen / Adult Classes

The Martial Arts provides many benefits for Teens and Adults of any age. For our teen students, this is a way to channel the high energy they have into a focused and fun discipline that provides life long skills such as focus, confidence, and an endless will to never give up. This has proven to […]

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Kickboxing & Fitness Classes

Cardio Kickboxing is a great way to lose weight, get fit, and feel great all day! These are fantastic classes designed to get a burn in, without interfering with your day. Midwest Martial Arts kicks out a dynamic 30 minute class that will work you hard, get you focused and energized! You don’t have to […]

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Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial Arts provides many benefits mentally and physically. This beautiful form of self-defense can ultimately guide your child or yourself through a lifetime of benefits that continue on and get passed on to generations. A few of key benefits to training in the Martial Arts are:
  • Learn Self-Defense
  • Build Self-Confidence
  • Gain Focus
  • Improve Balance and Body Awareness
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Heart Rate
  • Build Endurance
  • Flexibility and more!

"A Black Belt is a White Belt that NEVER Gave Up!"


  • Absolutely LOVE Midwest Martial Arts! Master Kris is Amazing! My son struggles with self-control and inattention and Master Kris has been able to connect with him immediately. I look forward to watching my son develop his skills further!

    Holly Nintzel
  • Awesome place for kids 4+! I am in awe that Master Kris can get down to the kids level and that he can individualize skills for every kid!

    Kellen Wesson
  • Midwest Martial Arts is an awesome place to learn and grow! It taught me to be confident in who I am. Master Kris is an awesome teacher, the best I have ever had. So I recommend this place for sure and give it 10 Stars!

    CJ B Johnson

Meet Master Kris and More!

Master Kris Hoff

Master Kris Hoff has dedicated his entire life to practicing and teaching the Martial Arts. From practicing as a young man, capturing the State Midwest Championships in Sparring numerous years, to beginning his instructing career in 1992, he continues to pass on his knowledge and love for TaeKwonDo and the Martial Arts. A 6th Dan […]

Master Kris Hoff

Birthday Parties

Midwest Martial Arts of Mequon / Thiensville offers fantastic themed birthday parties! You do not have to be a student at MMA to have an everlasting memorable birthday party. We will get the kids involved with a full energy burning afternoon filled with kicking, punching, running, laughing, playing and all around fun. “Who doesn’t want […]

Birthday Parties

Martial Arts Supplies

Looking for a uniform, keychains, sparring equipment, clothing, kicking pads, weapons, belts, helmets and more? We are able to get you what you need and in record time. So stop in and put a face with the order and we will assure you our best in being able to guide you and provide you with […]

Martial Arts Supplies

At Midwest Martial Arts, you ARE FAMILY! WE cheer each other, teach one another and grow together!

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