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VR Ninja Dojo to Debut at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018 in Advance of Japanese Opening

05 Dec

Five for Co., Ltd., announced that it will debut its new VR Ninja Dojo at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, Florida, beginning November 13, 2018, in advance of its February 10, 2019 launch in Kanda, Tokyo. It has also launched its first promotional video for VR Ninja Dojo on the official website (https://vr-ninja.jp)

Five for will provide visitors to Japan with a unique cultural experience and an unforgettable ninja adventure.

As ninja from a hidden village, visitors will practice the ninja arts and then
ight to earn their ninja license – this is the path of the ninja, VR Ninja Dojo

VR Ninja Dojo is a totally new entertainment institution, combining training, performances by ninja masters, and a final test in battle to provide an unparalleled, immersive ninja experience. Visitors will dress in ninja costumes, and then begin their experience with VR training under a ninja master, learning swordplay, shuriken (ninja stars), martial arts techniques, and ninjutsu (mystical ninja techniques). Then, visitors face a test to earn their status as full ninja, using VR technology to enter a digital world, and skillfully employing their weapons and techniques to defeat enemies one after another in an exciting ninja battle experience. Friends and family can also enjoy watching both the training and the battle on outside monitors, without wearing VR headsets, through mixed reality technology. The audience will also be mesmerized by the beautiful battles of high level players and ninja masters.

The world of ninja fascinates people around the globe
The first VR Ninja Dojo location will open in Kanda, Tokyo, as a dojo aimed at foreign visitors to Japan

Ninja are worldwide representatives of Japan’s cultural cachet. Outside Japan, the word “ninja” has generated countless fans. As a dojo where people can enjoy this popular Japanese subject, VR Ninja Dojo tirelessly pursues ninja authenticity. The interior and exterior of the dojo have been created with a ninja motif, and professional ninjas will serve as the instructors. The enemies participants will face in the VR world are newly designed based on traditional Japanese monsters and zombies, creating an engaging ninja world with no consequences. The first location will open in Kanda, Tokyo, on February 10, 2019, in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics. VR Ninja Dojo will provide an unforgettable ninja experience to visitors to Japan.

Martial Arts Board Game Goes from Kickstarter to Public Release

05 Dec

Gray Wolf Games founder and Wu Wei creator Justin Waggle, said “We’ve successfully fulfilled our Kickstarter campaign and now I’m really excited to have the game available for board game enthusiasts everywhere. It’s the first ever board game that incorporates Taoist cosmology and martial arts principles.”

In this game, “students” are led on a journey to earn five animal cards (representing the legendary five animals from Shaolin Kung Fu) while their master maintains their lineage and cultivates chi. Waggle designed the game for one to six players with games averaging about 45-90 minutes in length.

Wu Wei comes with three levels of play and an engaging solo campaign. At the highest level of the game, Waggle designed Wu Wei so it goes from symmetrical to asymmetrical as one player takes on the role of the emperor and works to unite his people under one banner.

The reviews from the board gaming community have been positive. Lance Myxter from Undead Viking Videos said, “Wu Wei presents the players with fun and interesting choices and it has a very open feel to it. I never felt hemmed in…is it fun? Yeah! Lots of fun!”

“Wu Wei is a rare game with the elegance of an abstract, yet every detail contains deep meaning,” commented Teal Fristoe, who designed Corporate America and Shadow Throne.

The Gray Wolf Games website gives an overview of how to play; features a number of illustrations showing the game’s board, cards, scenarios, and game pieces; and offers a free PDF download of the Wu Wei rulebook.

Waggle believes the game will appeal to a number of different groups, including board game players, martial artists, travelers on a spiritual path, as well as enthusiasts of Asian cultures. “Developing the game was a long process. I worked with a number of artists, designers and game developers along the way and sent prototypes out to people around the world to get their feedback,” he explained.

“Games represent one of the best ways for communicating big ideas. They keep our minds active and open and provide a unique opportunity for interacting with one another. What could be better than having fun, hanging out with your friends, and unlocking the secrets of the universe?” Waggle asked.

Find out more on this game at: graywolfgames.com/wuwei/