Midwest Martial Arts of Mequon / Thiensville

When it comes to your child you want them to grow and be focused, confident and motivated. Midwest Martial Arts offers your child many benefits to training at our school. Once they enter our school, they are greeted by a friendly family of fellow students who are here to encourage and cheer each other on while growing personally.

Our classes are designed to not only teach your child self-defense, but also to stimulate them physically with a fun active class full of kicking, punching, jumping, running and more. The best part is seeing the smiles gleaming from their faces during the entire class.

In addition to burning much needed energy, your child will gain self-confidence, self-control, become focused both in our classes and at school, and also learn what it means to be a Martial Artist.

Our students will also have the fun of being in a group setting among peers while also having Master Kris work with each child individually as well to maximize their growth!

You will not only see physically development in your child, but mental growth as well. It is one of the most rewarding experiences a parent can see happen over their time at Midwest Martial Arts.

So stop in and give us a try and remember your FIRST CLASS to try is FREE!