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The customer wanted to develop an augmented reality education app. The application is dedicated to the creatures living in the sea. The function of this augmented reality app is to give kids an opportunity to view the 3D fish from different sides on their smartphones or tablets. The other request was to make the image move and show how a fish swims. The app’s interface should imply picking up particular colors and painting the fish right. An additional challenge was to be able to provide each card with the description of the habitat and fish habits in an audio story format.


  • Augmented reality implementation
  • In-App Purchase


To meet the customer’s expectations, our mobile development team had to implement:

  • The algorithms of augmented reality used to distinguish the objects by their markers and key features
  • Downloading, rendering, and 3D animation of the objects
  • Audio and video stream playback


The power of augmented reality apps for education is used to let kids explore the underwater world and get to know more about the endangered species. They see the card with the sketch of a fish and once they point the screen of a gadget to the card, it features their real-life 3D model which could be colored and played with.

Key Features

  • Augmented reality 3D fish objects could be fully observed from different angles.
  • The color of the fish could be changed.
  • There is a button that lets us hear the audio description of the fish habits and their ecosystem. It also lets us see the fish moving if you switch to the video mode.
  • There are over 50 cards depicting fish that go with the 3D images.




Exploring the deep sea world with this augmented reality education mobile application is pure fun and the kids will not only get to know what fish look like. Children could also hear the audio streaming the information about the fish and make the augmented reality 3D model fish move on their screens. This kind of interaction helps kids receive the information about our world easily and motivates to learn.

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