Midwest Martial Arts of Mequon / Thiensville

The Martial Arts provides many benefits for Teens and Adults of any age. For our teen students, this is a way to channel the high energy they have into a focused and fun discipline that provides life long skills such as focus, confidence, and an endless will to never give up. This has proven to be helpful for many students and helps them gain lasting friendships, grow in their school work, and become a focused team leader at home all the while learning the art of self-defense.

For adults, you are never to old to begin a journey in the Martial Arts. This is just what you were looking for in learning self-defense, lose weight, get fit and healthy. Our adult programs will get your body in fantastic health and grow in stamina, flexibility and endurance.

We keep our classes constantly moving and Master Kris will make sure you go beyond what you ever thought you were capable of achieving. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and become part of a great Martial Arts family atmosphere we have at Midwest Martial Arts.